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Web-Site Update

Posted February 22nd, 2012 by parry

Well did some work, the gallery is now fully uploaded, I do want to re-name all the folders, but they pictures are there, there is also some videos that where lying around, and also some lyrics…

next on my list is :-

1) Rename the gallery folders
2) a gig list
3) MP3 of the albums
4) MP3’s of some full gigs
5) video of The Cavern Gig
6) Lyrics for the other songs
7) ALL Memebers – well as much as i have

think thats it for now…

Work in Progress

Posted February 3rd, 2011 by parry

Basically i kept finding all the old Atomic Hound Dog stuff lying around and decided to re-do the web-site with all the photos on and stuff… i just add bits as & when i can… hopefully will get all the news in (thats the painful part) then the lyrics/gallerys/music

The Atomic Hound Dog Featured in October’s THE FLY!

Posted October 8th, 2003 by parry

TAHD are mentioned in the Wigan Round Up section of this months (October) THE FLY.

The free hip national magazine, which can be found in most record shops and city centre student ‘spots’ (as well as The Barfly venue’s- obviously), mentions the forthcoming Wigan date at the Collective Venue (Tavern) when they will be supporting ‘texan troubdour’ Tommy Hale, a date the band asked for after hearing his CD and learning he was to play Wigan.

The article also features a picture of The Atomic Hound Dog – ironically taken at the same venue a few months ago!

More on the Wigan gig after tomorrow night’s Stockport date (see previous story)!

Stockport this Thursday!!!

Posted October 6th, 2003 by parry

TAHD are travelling to Stockport (near Manchester) this Thursday to play a ‘full-band’ acoustic set at the Bakers Vault – part of Darren Poyzer’s Acoustica circuit.

Details are as follows (taken from Darren’s website – see LINKS)

Thursday 9th October
Stockport – Bakers Vault, Market Square, Stockport .

Free to get in!!!!!

Darren Poyzer
The Atomic Hound Dog
Thom The World Poet
Holly Roebens

TAHD To Headline Manchester Gig!

Posted September 29th, 2003 by parry

Following a triumphant date at the HMV Showcase at Manchester’s Life Cafe earlier in the month, The Atomic Hound Dog have been asked to headline at the venue this November.

The band were offered the date (the next free date) by the promoters Charabanc, litterally within hours of playing the venue, with the Headlining slot only being confirmed today.

This marks quite a rise in profile for the band, having previously only played 3 Manchester dates (they played The Life Cafe (4th on the bill) in July and The Star & Garter (2nd on the bill) in August).

The gig, which is again a HMV showcse, will take place on the 20th November and sees the band play alongside Manchester heavyweights Newspeak again (the band who headlined the previous showcase date) as well as Heathers and Montery Jack.

More details to follow.

HMV Showcase @ Life Café, Manchester this Thursday!

Posted September 16th, 2003 by parry

The Atomic Hound Dog are set to play Manchester this Thursday (18th September) when they return to The Late Room @ The Life Café to perform at the weekly HMV showcase there.

This is the second time they have played at the famous Mancs bar and this time they have moved up to second on the bill.

Also playing that night are Newspeak, Rumjig and Richard Notman.

8pm till late. Admission £3 (please use a TAHD flyer – if you can’t get hold of one – tell them you are here to see TAHD and they will let you in for £3 and credit a flyer to the band.

More info available from www.manchestermusic.co.uk

The Atomic Hound Dog’s debut album ”Twelve” is available to listen to and buy from the HMV Megastore in Manchester now!

Too Much Time used at Wigan & Leigh College!

Posted September 15th, 2003 by parry

The Instrumental version of one of TAHD’s most popular tracks, “Too Much Time (In your mind)” has been used by Wigan & Leigh College in Lancashire (the bands hometown and one of the largest College’s in the country) as the backing track to their new Induction Presentation for all students in 2003/2004.

The band offered the instrumental version after being approached by a representative of the College, who wanted to use a track by a local band and had heard the original version.

The Presentation will be available to over 22,000 students, at 6 sites accross the borough.

Whoever thought going to class could be so much fun ehh?

Hello Lux Club!!!

Posted September 11th, 2003 by parry

TAHD returned back to Wigan last night when they played at the town

Finding our way back home – The Lux Club, Wigan!

Posted September 1st, 2003 by parry

The Atomic Hound Dog will be returning to Wigan next week (Wednesday 10th September), playing at The Lux Club, their first real Wigan date since supporting Jim Bob back in May. Since then, the band have played a string of dates across the north west, including dates in Manchester, St Helens, Warrington and an appearance at Skemfest 2003.

The Lux Club, Wigan